Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why is it...

...the older you get the faster time seems to travel? And has anyone figured out a way to make it slow down? I'm really looking forward to summer holidays, spending time with my family camping and being totally unplugged from the world for a week!

This past Saturday we had the chance to visit a family friend's farm where the kids were introduced to the cutest little calves!

We all enjoyed the day....even in spite of the mass amount of mosquitos!

Sunday was a nice quiet day at home, I actually spent most of my day playing with my scrap supplies.....and boy did it feel good!!! I managed to finish up 2 layouts and make a card!!

This layout is based on THIS Sassy Lil' Sketch.

The timing was perfect for this card, a coworker celebrated her birthday today so I gave it to her!

Now I need to clean up the crazy mess I made......you know just so I can do it all over again!!! ;)

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