Sunday, February 25, 2018

Getting Back to Creativity

Sometimes life throws things at you that require your attention taking time away from hobbies and passions.  But eventually everything sorts itself out!!!

After quite the long break from creating I'm finally getting my groove back and it feels great!  I have missed playing and creating on a regular basis.

So to kick off my re-entry how about I share some photos of my 'new' (ok it's been finished for a while) space that my husband built for me in our refinished basement.

It's not a very big space as you can see, but I think I managed to organize and fit all my supplies into it fairly well!

The best part of my new space is the IKEA CD Tower that I had turned on it's side to store all my Tim Holtz Bigz dies!  They are right at my finger tips which I love!!

I have lots of light and lots of plugs, actually I have more plugs in this space than in my master bedroom! LOL  Best part of a small space EVERYTHING is within reach!

Now that I've shared my 'newish' space I can't wait to start sharing what I create with everyone again!

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