Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's all wrapped up...

Are you a fussy fancy wrapper making each gift looks special, or do you slap on some store bought wrapping paper a tag and call it a day?

For the kids I just slap it together (although they each have had their own special papers) because if you've ever watched a kid on Christmas morning.......let's just say if you get in the way you could loose a limb! LOL  But I will take a little more time if the gift is for an adult, like those special friends or my Mom.

I bought these paper mache nesting boxes and decorated them with MME Lost & Found Christmas (so in love with line)....

I just love all that brown with the red glitter & sequins!!

On the sequins ribbon I actually attached a little self adhesive velcro, so not only can I (or the gift receiver) use this over again, but it makes adding that last little touch so easy & fast.  We all know time is at a premium during the holidays so a girls got to do what a girls go to do!

This tag was the demo that I did at the fall Love Is In The Details Christmas Crop...a quick easy project but they look SO beautiful!

Now I need to decide do I want to actually use it for a gift or keep for myself because it makes a pretty good looking ornament too! LOL  I am thinking of filling the boxes with a few little treats for my Mom and her other half, even though they say not to buy them gifts. But ssshhh don't tell her!

We're 3 days into December who has their Christmas shopping done??  Anyone have all their crafty gifts made?  I don't not even close...yikes!

If you're looking for some inspiration this month be sure to check out the LIITD Blog, Lori is doing a post daily to celebrate the month of December and the holidays!

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Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

I love this! It would also look stunning just as a decoration in the house! Gorgeous! I am all done christmas shopping and birthday shopping (Caitlyns birthday is Tuesday). However I am about half way with the stuff I have to make!