Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Ball

This past Saturday was the Love Is In The Details Harvest Ball Crop in Miami, Manitoba. I headed out on Friday to help Lori set up for the crop. It always amazes me how Lori thinks of the tiniest details!

We had a full house on Saturday, there were 72 croppers!!!! This was the biggest one ever, and was it a full house!

The food was delicious as always, and Lori had lots of little surprises for the croppers....and one big surprise too (but I won't spill the beans about that yet).

I spent the day Saturday doing a demo, it was lots of fun and all the ladies were great. I even had a few competing for the Best Student spot....LOL

This time I managed to remember my camera, but forgot to take photos until the end, so all I got was a couple photos of the display I set up on my demo table and a photo of the project we did. Oh well, I'm sure some of the other ladies will share their photos with me. ;)

We created a mini canvas, the canvas is about 2"x2" and so cute and fun to work with. We covered the canvas with pages from an old Readers Digest...I did not read the pages before putting them in the kits...but as the ladies were pulling them out they were reading and laughing. Let's just say some of the content was really funny! Once we had the canvas covered, distressed, stamped and inked we moved on to making the paper rose. Everyone did great and had lots of fun!

Now we'll rest up a bit....but not for long before we start planning the Spring crop!!! Actually as I was driving home from this one I was already designing he name tags! LOL

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